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Klawock to Sitka, 2012.

We have arrived safely in beautiful, sunny, Sitka by the Sea! Highlights included: Weather: Sunshine and calm seas! Fishing: Four halibut in 40 minutes. Wildlife sightings: a black bear in a tree [Prince of Wales Island], a brown bear in the grass [Baranof Island], wolf tracks [Kuiu Island], Sitka blacktailed deer, eagles, and a raven, which woke us up this morning by digging in our fruit box and eating our last banana! Beachcombing treasures: Abundant interesting flotsam, much of which is assumed to be tsunami debris. The beachcomber's prize for the trip goes to Captain Kurt, …
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Mountain Goats in the Sunshine!?


“Hey, isn’t that a mountain goat right there?” asked John.  What was going on here? A goat was walking the ridge above us in the sunshine on the first hunting day.  I was pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming as we found the goat in the 60 power Swarovski spotting scope.  John, a law enforcement officer from back East had endured the first day of his hunt waiting for Alaska Airlines to deliver ALL his luggage while the second day of his hunt was spent trying to get his rifle to shoot as the TSA and Luggage goons must have conducted crash tests with his rifle case.  This …
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Wind, Rain, Brown Bears, Sweat and Mountain Goats


“Go away bear, go away bear, get out of here!” I yelled as I shucked iron. Having my .44 Magnum in my hand made me feel slightly better, but I was very glad to have 4 other guys behind me when I saw the Brown Bear sow and her three yearling cubs at close range. I was pretty sure I could outrun at least one of them. The hunters that is! Ha Ha! So how did I end up running the Gauntlet in this Brown Bear infested neck of Southeast AK anyway? I found myself asking as I repeatedly yelled “Hey Bear!” many hundred times over the next nine days. Jim Phillips called in July and asked …
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Monster Bruins of Southeast Alaska


“Cathy has been on four other black bear hunts and has yet to pull the trigger, so before we book this I want to verify that this hunt will be different,” asked John, the head of Oncology at a renowned hospital Back East. “Well, I’d be very surprised if she didn’t at least have an opportunity at a good representative bear.” I said. On day five, I was eating those words as all we had seen was sows, cubs and small to medium sized bears. Sure, we had seen an AMAZING Humpback whale show of a cow and calf that were very interested in our boat. We had plenty of Bald Eagles …
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Mountain Goats in the Mist


“Bob, the fog is finally lifting enough for me to get a photo of the sunset on the lake so I’ll be right back.” I said heading out with my camera and grabbing my binoculars at the last second. Decked out in my Croc sandals, I was just going 30 yards to the edge of the ridge to take some stunning photos of the high-alpine lake and the setting sun when I looked below me and spotted something white just as the fog rolled in again. Waiting a few more minutes for a break in the mist, I could see it was a mountain goat grazing away just 150 yards from me! It took no time to scamper back to the …
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