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Bill & Leigh’s Awesome Alaskan Adventures

Welcome to Sitka by the Sea!

Welcome to Sitka by the Sea!

Warm sunny weather and calm seas found Wyomingites Bill and Leigh catching MONSTER Lingcod and Yelloweye off remote pinnacles until their arms were jelly and they had enough of the toothy critters from under the “Neath!”

The Monsters from Under the 'Neath!

The Monsters from Under the ‘Neath!

Bigger than Leigh!

Heavy lings

Too big to keep!

Don't try this at home!

Don’t try this at home!

Can you believe how HUGE those Lingcod are? Awesome! Other highlights were touring and anchoring near “Bird Island” and enjoying all the Puffins, Murres, Guillemots and Bald Eagles…

Tufted puffin

A tufted puffin at St. Lazaria Island

An awesome anchorage

Anchored at the “Bird Island”

watching big, wild Brown Bear up close and personal & catching big Steelhead in front of thundering waterfalls…

Bill's Steelhead

Bill’s Steelhead, nice fish!

Picking Salmonberries while touring Sitka…


Salmonberries, soon to be salmonberry jam!

Castle Hill & O'Connell Bridge

Bill and Leigh on Castle Hill

Totem Park

A brief pause in berrypicking!

…catching all those mouth-watering Alaska Spot Shrimp and did I mention FISHING!?

Leigh's first halibut!

Leigh’s first halibut!

Silver Salmon in the sunshine

Silver Salmon in the sunshine, because it’s always sunny in Alaska…at least when Bill is here!

White side, brown side

White side (no eyes), brown side (eyes)!

A shark with blue eyes!

Leigh reeled in a shark with blue eyes!



Thank you again Bill and Leigh for coming to our neck of the woods and having a Grand Adventure aboard the “Glacier!”

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