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Mainland Alaska Photo Journey 2012


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2012 Sheep Hunt, Wrangell St. Elias Preserve


“Peanut, I think you can shoot him from right here!” I whispered to Trina as the stunning ram gave us the stink-eye from 300-400 yards out. “He’s not going anywhere, but you have to shoot from this pile of rocks. He’s legal. I think he’s about 34”, definitely 7 but likely 8 years old and broomed on both sides. Not a stud by any stretch, but any legal ram is a good ram.”  Silence and an unconvinced look from Trina confirmed that the set- up was far from perfect.  “How far is he?” she asked grudgingly, as both our Leica Geovid Binocular/Rangefinders were 50 miles away in …
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Father Daughter Fishing Adventure


Rob Day & His Daughter Stephanie fished with us from Aug. 7-11, 2012 and we can’t thank Rob enough for allowing us the opportunity to show Stephanie our awesome backyard. Day 1 found us with our limits of delicious rockfish, lingcod and yelloweye all before 2pm.  The fishing was hot as we jigged up fish after fish and enjoyed the great weather and flat calm seas. After soaking in the fantastic Natural Hot Springs(again-yay!) and eating a big pile of Rockfish Olympia we were officially hot spring noodles and ready for bed! Rrrrraaauuughhh! is apparently Sea Lion for …
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The Texas Crew, Guns Up!


August 1-4, 2012, Warm Springs Bay, AK Awesome weather, jigging for rockfish, motor-mooching for salmon and enjoying all the sights of Sitka Sound were the highlight of the day. Soaking in the idyllic Hot Springs with a belly full of Rockfish Olympia was the crowning touch.   Kurt, do we have to soak in those warm, wonderful Hot Springs again? OK!! when can we go? Was the question posed after bonking fish all day. Leonard earned 3 nicknames on this trip, among them was “Shortliner” as he couldn’t keep fish off his line and really was trying to take a break in …
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Put On Your Mean Face!


“Put your Mean Face on Diana. Reel, Reel, Reel!” coached Kurt from the back deck as Diana was tied into yet another rockfish from below.   “Double, Triple, Quadruple Fish On!” “We need help out here TrinaBug!” shouted Kurt. The Pennsylvania crew was tired of reeling up who knows what variety of Rockfish after Rockfish aboard the GLACIER so we finished off Day One with a soak in the newly renovated clean natural Goddard Hot Springs.  The Bald Eagles put on a show of aerial aerobatics picking up the carcasses near the boat as we watched the sun go down …
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