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The Wyoming Gunslingers


  Trina grabbed burly Justin by the shoulder and quickly jerked him to the ground then whispered “There’s a bear at 40 yards!” in answer to Justin’s puzzled “why and HOW did she do that” look. Both of them were checking out the abandoned buildings just moments earlier and here was a stud bruin feeding on grass in the front ‘lawn’.  The knee high grass prohibited a good shooting position so Justin snuck over to the fire hydrant in the front ‘lawn’ that had been installed decades ago to protect the cluster of buildings. Trina watched as Justin pole-axed the big …
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One Girl, One Giant Grizzly and Two Magnum Moose in Western Alaska [Kurt's Perspective]


OR.... One Girl, Two Stinky Bossy Guides, & Three Big Critters [Trina’s Perspective aka “The Peanut Gallery”] “Hey, what are you doing in late September?” asked Lance. “Sounds like I’m going on an adventure with you.” I answered. “Can Trina come?”  “Of course!” Lance responded. What kind of crazy adventure is he taking me on now?   Several weeks later, Trina and I crossed the Canadian border north of Haines, Alaska with the pedal to the metal and headed to Anchorage to meet up with fellow guide/outfitter Lance Kronberger.  …
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