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Monster Bruins of Southeast Alaska


“Cathy has been on four other black bear hunts and has yet to pull the trigger, so before we book this I want to verify that this hunt will be different,” asked John, the head of Oncology at a renowned hospital Back East. “Well, I’d be very surprised if she didn’t at least have an opportunity at a good representative bear.” I said. On day five, I was eating those words as all we had seen was sows, cubs and small to medium sized bears. Sure, we had seen an AMAZING Humpback whale show of a cow and calf that were very interested in our boat. We had plenty of Bald Eagles …
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Mainland Alaska Photo Journey 2012


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2012 Sheep Hunt, Wrangell St. Elias Preserve


“Peanut, I think you can shoot him from right here!” I whispered to Trina as the stunning ram gave us the stink-eye from 300-400 yards out. “He’s not going anywhere, but you have to shoot from this pile of rocks. He’s legal. I think he’s about 34”, definitely 7 but likely 8 years old and broomed on both sides. Not a stud by any stretch, but any legal ram is a good ram.”  Silence and an unconvinced look from Trina confirmed that the set- up was far from perfect.  “How far is he?” she asked grudgingly, as both our Leica Geovid Binocular/Rangefinders were 50 miles away in …
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Kuiu Gear’s Jason Hairston, Black Bear Hunt 2012

This story was written by Jason Hairston who was the founder/owner of Sitka Gear and is now the founder/owner of Kuiu Gear.  They make incredible stuff and you can read his report directly from his website at www.Kuiu.com and also check out his great gear. His story is reprinted below with his permission. PRINCE OF WALES June 4th, 2012 | By: Jason Hairston I just returned from a Spot and Stalk bow hunt for Black Bears on Prince of Wales Island in South East Alaska.  I was hunting with Kurt Whitehead & Trina Nation of Alaska Glacier Adventures. This was a vessel-based hunt and we …
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Col Allison’s Lucky Shirt Bear


The Lucky Shirt Bear, written by Col Allison for Sporting Shooter Magazine www.sportingshootermag.com.au Slightly edited for content by Trina on 06.18.2012, photos added 06.25.2012 Black bears are easy game as a rule, but trying to shoot a world-class trophy in the wilds of Southeast Alaska tested COL ALLISON’S mettle to the limit. I WAS HANGING on for grim death in the heaving bow of a four-metre rubber ducky in a 1.8-metre swell in Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage, navigating around some of the wildest coastline in the world. Chopped to foam by 35-knot winds, the waves lifted the …
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