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Father Daughter Fishing Adventure

Rob Day & His Daughter Stephanie fished with us from Aug. 7-11, 2012 and we can’t thank Rob enough for allowing us the opportunity to show Stephanie our awesome backyard.
Day 1 found us with our limits of delicious rockfish, lingcod and yelloweye all before 2pm.  The fishing was hot as we jigged up fish after fish and enjoyed the great weather and flat calm seas. After soaking in the fantastic Natural Hot Springs(again-yay!) and eating a big pile of Rockfish Olympia we were officially hot spring noodles and ready for bed!

Limited out, let's go to the Hot Springs!

Limited out, let’s go to the Hot Springs!

Stephanie, Rob, Yelloweye & Ling!

Father & Daughter, Rob & Stephanie, with their Yelloweye Rockfish & Lingcod!

Rrrrraaauuughhh! is apparently Sea Lion for “Hello” as the Sea Lions bellowed this greeting to Rob and Stephanie time and again as we caught yet more rockfish by their rocky perch and enjoyed their funny antics. Has anyone mentioned Sea Lions are wiffy?
After cleaning the stench of Sea Lions out of our noses, we got our fill of shrimp bait with all the rockfish/lingcod carcasses we put in our shrimp pots as Rob and Steph heaved them overboard. What fun tasty creatures will they haul up tomorrow?

Steph pulls a pot while Kurt takes photos and Rob stands by to assist.

Steph pulls a pot while Kurt takes photos and Rob stands by to assist.

Shrimp, Shrimp and more Shrimp!

Shrimp, Shrimp and more Shrimp!

Shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp were the words of the day as we had lots of fun checking out all the bycatch and flippy-dippy shrimpy. We reset the shrimp and crab pots in a different bay and admired all the raging waterfalls and brown bears pacing back and forth. Rob and Steph’s first look at an Alaskan Brown Bear was a memorable one! Oh yeah, we caught fish until their arms hurt and Steph said she’ll have to work on her upper body strength before she comes back due to all the fish-catching and pot-hauling that was going on. Reindeer chili for dinner was delicious and the sunset was great!



Rob and Steph whacked salmon after salmon while the bears were taking notes and the sun was shining! What a memorable day we had fishing, shrimping and crabbing and topped it off with Rockfish Spaghetti-yum!  Twist my rubber arm, we had to have another soak in the awesome hot springs and got a bonus-fireworks!

Sockeye limit for the day

Sockeye limit for the day! Great job Stephanie & Rob!

Dungeness Crab Dinner

Steph shows off the best legs in the house!

Beautiful Lingcod

Rob displays this beautiful crimson-colored Lingcod before sending him back to the deep.

Rob's Halibut

Rob’s big Halibut & a yelloweye!

Steph's Treasures

Steph’s Beachcombed Treasures

Whap,Whap,Whap goes my gaff across the nose of the Rob’s hard-fighting halibut as we invited it on a one way trip to Rob’s freezer in Wisconsin and slapped high fives. The girls were finding all sorts of treasures on the nearby beach while we boated fish after fish on the wet decks of the Glacier. Life is good in Alaska! The Humpback whales even waved goodbye as we sailed into Sitka. Thank you Rob and Stephanie!
Kurt and Trina aboard the Glacier.

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