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The Texas Crew, Guns Up!

August 1-4, 2012, Warm Springs Bay, AK

Awesome weather, jigging for rockfish, motor-mooching for salmon and enjoying all the sights of Sitka Sound were the highlight of the day. Soaking in the idyllic Hot Springs with a belly full of Rockfish Olympia was the crowning touch.

A nice rain-free moment, looking over the harbor & out to Mt. Edgecumbe.

Right out of the gate, it’s Mr. Yelloweye!


A full boat and a boat full!

Kurt, do we have to soak in those warm, wonderful Hot Springs again? OK!! when can we go? Was the question posed after bonking fish all day. Leonard earned 3 nicknames on this trip, among them was “Shortliner” as he couldn’t keep fish off his line and really was trying to take a break in the frenzied action when a salmon grabbed his hook dangling just under the surface and ruined his momentary break time. Good stuff.

Hey Leonard, is it raining?

The iPhone lineup. Photo ready!


Beer, check. Snacks, check. Hot springs here we come!

Danny and Leonard smile despite the “liquid sunshine”.

Guns up! Let’s go soak!

Lance, Leonard, Yelloweye Rockfish, and Lingcod!


That’s a PILE of fish!

Slowwww fishing in the morning was replaced with firecracker-hot, gaff-whacking, slime-slinging, blood-spattering fishing to end the day and the Texans agreed they will remember that day for the rest of their lives!!!  “Kurt, I asked you for the fishing trip of a lifetime and you delivered it today! That was awesome! Thank you!” said Danny and all four fish-spattered faces nodded agreement as they drained icy beers and we motored to the Hot Springs to wash off the grime. It was only day 3!

Totally authorized graffiti at Goddard Hot Springs. Guns Up!

Lance’s shiny Silver salmon. Nice!

Front side halibut x 4!


And, flip!

Jaw-dropping sights, great weather & great fishing culminated with Cade’s monster lingcod even though he earned the nickname “Mr. Yelloweye!”

Danny caught a skate!

Rockfish assortment and Baranof Island Brewing Company’s Medvejie Stout. Life is good!


Cade’s monster Lingcod and Cade’s proud papa, Danny!

Trip of a Lifetime. Thanks guys!

Just one question…who wore the mismatched boots!? :)

Guns Up you Texas Tech Alums & thank you for the amazing trip!
Kurt and Trina aboard the Glacier from Sitka, AK!

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